Changing it up

With a jam packed curriculum and the pressure of data this and results that, it’s easy to forget to change it up during your lessons. I had a lesson on perimeter and area I was teaching and threw in a quick perimeter and area video. It was catchy and interesting but I didn’t think much of it after playing it, unsure if the students “got it”.


Twenty minutes into the lesson I asked a small group “What is the area of an object?”. To which one of my academically lowest, most normally disengaged students answered almost in exact tune “the area’s the inside”. And then proceeded to explain the difference between the perimeter and area, correctly I must add!

I could have been knocked over with a feather. It was one of those moments we teach for, pride exploding in my heart. A breakthrough. It was then I was struck with a feeling almost as powerful, shame, the shame that I have crumbled to the pressure of chasing data and pushing units through rather than putting these simple and powerful aspects of learning into my lessons.

Lesson learnt….for both of us!

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