Something for the future

Let’s face it education, as it stands, works for those who can adapt to the system. We live in a system, so you can understand a system is what it is. Education is and always will be entirely reflective of society. Our society is behind where we would like it to be in many ways. We spend money on things that are not important, we are insecure about the things that don’t matter and we are short sighted and materialistic. Therefore the decisions made by governments and ultimately the education bosses reflect these ideas.

A favourite saying I once heard goes ” society is at its best when people plant trees for shade they will never sit in”

At some stage, hopefully in my life, we will realise nothing is more important than getting the best to teach the best. Teachers and education directly reflect the success of your society, at the moment we are efficient at working within a system but we are producing people that can work only in a system but don’t cater for much else. We keep putting pressure on teachers to raise the students, teaching them things that should be learnt in the home. This is a half measure at best with only the ones who don’t need the message getting the message!

So let me take you down the path a little to x years in time. Where people have realised that what we put into growing people is what we get out. That nothing is more important than training and educating the next generation to be great people.

In the future we would triple the number of teachers in the world, holding them up on a pedestal as the best of our society, the classroom would be the world with lessons conducted in real life in real places, and teachers matched to suit the group of students they worked with. Groups would be small, no more than about ten. Assessment would be “what did you learn today?”

I have real faith in humanity and see how hard we are all working towards the goal of great education, I just don’t see us getting there with our current mindset. It’s no ones fault, we just have to work through the process and hope we get to see the day we all begin to think clearly about the most important things in the world. I hope I live to see it and am not too embarrassed at looking back to how we do things now.

“Some say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one”-cheers Mr Lennon


2 thoughts on “Something for the future

  1. This is so very true. It seems that the people making these decisions just can’t see past data! Data seems to have taken over the real reason we become teachers. It’s not about the kids anymore it’s about their data! It just makes me very sad.

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